Building a food secure and resilient Whangaroa

Our Vision: To build a food secure and resilient Whangaroa region

 Exploration and Understanding

Whangaroa Health Services Trust received funding from the Lottery Wellness Fund to help us better understand how we might bring this vision to life. 

We spent time exploring the needs and aspirations of our communities by talking to local growers, retail establishments and whānau.

 See the final report and associated videos here. 

What do we mean by food secure and resilient?

A food-secure community has reliable access to affordable, healthy locally grown fruits and vegetables and is available to the people regardless of income while supporting small and mid-sized farms. A food resilient community has the ability for all households to meet their food needs, at the same time, the food system can withstand external shocks such as natural disasters, economic challenges and upheavals. 

Building a movement

We hope to build  a community of people that works together to increase our local food security and resilience across the Whangaroa region. We want to bring together  farmers, growers, businesses and whānau as part of a movement that links, supports, networks and empowers each other towards the vision of a food secure Whangaroa. 



Reimagining our Community Resources

Whangaroa Health Services have a unique opportunity to reimagine how they utilise a community kitchen and teaching space as a Food Hub.  This resource has the potential to contribute to making the Whangaroa food system stronger, safer, and more resilient. There are opportunities  to use this space in new and exciting ways  to connect local producers with local consumers.



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