Board elections

Whangaroa Health Services Trust is a community-led organisation. Members of the board of Trustees are elected by the community every two years and this year is an election year. This is your opportunity to shape the strategic direction and governance of the organisation by either nominating a candidate or by voting.

Trustees should have:

  • A commitment to work for the greater good of the Whangaroa Community
  • Knowledge, expertise and influence relevant to the Whangaroa Health Services Trust
  • A willingness to attend monthly meetings plus possible working parties and sub committees and devote sufficient time to become familiar with the affairs of the Whangaroa Health Services Trust and the communities it serves.

Does this like you or someone you know? Nomination packs will be posted here shortly.

Nominations close at 4pm on Wednesday 15th November 2023.

Returning officer:    021 022 22275

Download nomination pack here...

Contact the board

You can contact the board by emailing: