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Composting with Anouk

On February 22nd our first workshop for the year was held at the Teaching Garden at WHST.

It was a beautiful, sunny evening and a wonderful turn-out with people coming from as far as Hihi and Takao Bay. Anouk shared her vast knowledge and passion about composting and the importance of diverting food waste from the landfill to make beautiful soil.

We explored different systems and their benefits, e.g. black compost bins; compost tumblers, worm-farms and towers and bokashi.

All participants were able to purchase any of these systems with a 70% discount and went into the draw to win a worm-tower. Congratulations to Tilly and Tina!

After the workshop we enjoyed delicious and healthy kai (seeded crackers, different dips, smoothies and cake. Thank you, Lavern!) It was a great opportunity to socialize, exchange knowledge, meet new people and have a laugh. We received lovely comments about how much people enjoyed and appreciated the manaakitanga.

Thank you all for coming and supporting our Teaching Garden.

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