Trustee Election Policy

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Purpose: To ensure the Trust has an election process that meets the requirements of the Trust deed and has the confidence of the community.

Procedures: The Trust will appoint an independent Returning Officer who will control the election process until the result of the Trustee election is announced.

Nominations will be called for a minimum period of one month. They will be advertised in local newspapers, via social media, on the WHST website and on local noticeboards. Closing date and delivery criteria will be set by the Returning Officer.

The nomination form will at a minimum contain the following:

   –     The criteria required to be a candidate and a nominator for the WHST Board

  • The candidates name and address
  • A declaration the candidate meets the requirements to be nominated
  • The name , address and signature of the person nominating them
  • A declaration the nominator meets the requirements to nominate
  • A box to indicate if the candidate is standing for the position of Maori representative

At the closing of nominations and confirming the nomination meets the criteria the Candidate will be informed and their names will be posted on the WHST web site, on social media and on local notice boards.

An Election date will be set within 3 weeks of nominations closing. Advertising the date, will be as above.

One public meeting will be held for community and candidates to meet. This will be organised by WHST.

The election will be held on one weekend, ideally on one day at three localities in the Whangaroa Area (Totara North, Kaeo, and Whangaroa Hall) minimum 2.5 hrs per locality.

Voters must reside in Whangaroa area, per Trust Deed map, and voters would ideally bring evidence of place of residence.

Each voter will have 6 votes; one (1) for the Maori candidate, and five (5) for the other candidates. Only one (1) vote per candidate; maximum 5 votes for candidates, other than Maori candidate. Voters do not have to use all their votes.  Votes other than those meeting these criteria will be declared invalid.

A numbered Register of those voting will be produced.  This Register will be developed as the voter comes to vote. Each voter will be asked to write their name, address where they have resided at for the last three (3) months and to sign it. On voting the voter will place their vote in a sealed envelope with their number on the roll placed on the outside. It will be recorded on the roll if evidence of residing within the map area is produced.

All votes will remain sealed until the returning officer has confirmed those on the register who are allowed to vote. These votes will then be opened and counted. All other votes will be destroyed. The decision of the returning officer is final.  The result will be declared the day before the next scheduled Board meeting.