News From Kauri Lodge

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Level One greetings from us all here at Kauri Lodge. 

Thank you all for your support and tolerance while we have all undergone such a difficult time through the pandemic. Its great to be at Level One and to be able to see your smiling faces without masks on

At this stage, we are still waiting on formal Level One guidelines from the Ministry of Health, and we have had ongoing conversations with the Northland DHB and other Aged care facilities in the area

Our current visiting rules have been eased, so that we can now have more than one visitor for each resident, wearing masks gowns or gloves is no longer needed, and there is no time restriction on your visit

We do ask that you ring and book a time for your visit in advance, particularly for weekend visits. You will still need to sign into the register (up at Omaunu House during weekdays) on arrival, and complete the screening form

We are encouraging all staff, contractors and visitors to use the COVID19 tracking app, and to scan in on arrival as well

We look forward to getting through winter with record low numbers of infections, due to all of us remembering to hand sanitise, and to stay away if you are unwell, however slight. Thank you again

Stay warm and well.

Cath Toomey, CSM